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Of our renovated WWII barge


Lady of the Twizzle is steeped in history and has been respectfully renovated during 2017 and 2018 to her 

current splendor.


Hundreds of reinforced concrete cargo barges, like Lady of the Twizzle, were commissioned in 1939 to assist in WWII. Their sole purpose was to transport up to 300 tons of ammunitions supplies, towed between their

destinations. Due to the timber shortage, these barges were built using steel and ferrocement (reinforced



After the second world war most of these barges became surplus to requirements. Some were left as wreckages, some were purposefully sunk and others used to reinforce river banks. Even those vessels that had sunk could be successfully refloated by pumping out the water at low tide.


Lady of the Twizzle was refloated originally to become a bar, moored at Ipswich. She was later towed to Walton on the Naze where she was used as a sailing school for 20 years. When the sailing school closed in 2015, owner of the barge Peter Morris, enlisted a new business partner -Danny Parrott, to manage the entire overhaul and

renovation project to Lady of the Twizzle’s current condition. The project saw a complete transformation of a dilapidated WWII cargo barge to luxury accommodation for up to 14 people.

Titchmarsh Marina

1995 - 2022


In 1995 Peter obtained a former floating bar and began an extensive salvage and refit of the former WWII concrete barge to create a Sailing School moored in Twizzle Creek at Titchmarsh Marina.

The Sailing School operated for 20 Years before closing its doors in 2015. So began Lady of the Twizzles fourth re-incarnation as floating luxury accommodation.

During 2017 and 2018 she was given a facelift and refit including the addition of a sundeck, hot tub and guest accommodation.

LOTT 4 copy.jpg

Foundry Quay 

2022 - 


In 2021 an opportunity arose to move Lady of the Twizzle to a more secluded berth at Foundry Quay. Offering privacy and even more spectacular views the Lady's new home took her appeal to the next level. Foundry Quay has dedicated parking and secure gated access allow you to immerse yourself in private luxury during your stay aboard. 


Lady of the Twizzle made her Journey From Titchmarsh Marina to Foundry Quay on 15th June 2022 and elegantly segued her way along Twizzle Creek to set up residence in her home.

Watch her journey below.

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